Emergency Appeal
There is an emergency taking place in New York City, and by extension the whole USA:


  • Ground Zero is radioactive, and 70,000 people have acquired cancer from it.
  • Brave people have recently filed lawsuits against the media for its fraudulent news footage.
  • There is mounting concern that the new claimants, as well as some new 911 Truth activists, have been recently assassinated.




Speaking up about 911 is important but risky. If you are new to 911 Truth, try to start out by flying under the radar. Make sure your friends know what you are doing.


Here is how you fight back


    Many lives are at stake. Hurry! Download and distribute the following:
  • 9/11 fax. (Fax it; hand out photocopies; email it and send it out! Archives: 1* 2* 3* 4
  • September Clues, Part 1. (It is very difficult to find on Youtube.)
  • Oh God!
  • Study the science that refutes the 911 planes.



Let's go New York. It is NOW time to speak up about 911.
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