Watch the Phony 911 Planes Again

Does anyone still believe planes hit the WTC?
Hottest new 911 Hoax documentation
911 Planes had Pentanium Wings!

Could the 911 'planes' be any less realistic?
(Sorry, but real planes can not enter buildings like ghosts.)
1. Aluminum planes can't enter steel buildings.
2. No planes struck the World Trade Center.
3.

Tell Everyone - Save America - Not much time Left
  1. Open up a browser.
  3. Search phrase: 'September 11th as it happened'
From here you will see links to TV news segments that were aired on ABC, CBS and CNN. They're organized in ten-minute segments. Watch these news reports with the idea that the planes are fake.

Listen to the eyewitnesses: Is it possible they are all actors? Doesn't everyone seem very rehearsed?

Finally, visit if you want to read about the many logical problems with the video the TV networks aired on 9/11/01.

CBS 911 Video - Censored because Gumble interviewed his producer's wife?

Title: September 25th as it happened... ( CBS - Part 2 )
HighlightsTime Comments
Bryant Gumble's producer's wife (!!) interviewed as an eyewitness to planes--from far away Chelsea.2:57the camera position is very cleverly placed so we could not see a plane even if one were there.

ABC 911 Video...check out the hippityhopper plane!

Title: September 11th as it happened... ( ABC - Part 2 )
HighlightsTime Comments
2nd hit cartoon2:57A terrifying shot. However, keep in mind the plane hippityhops; i.e., the movement is very jerky. Also, the plane is shrouded in shadow when the side facing East must be lit.
2nd hit cartoon - replay3:52Another version of this shot can be found here:
It doesn't look real. The movement of the plane along with fact that it is entirely in shadow is not real

Don't forget!

YOU have to tell everyone you know the TV networks aired fake video of animated planes striking the World Trade Center. There is almost no time left, either. If you want to live in a free country you must speak up TODAY about those cartoon 911 planes.