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Massive CENSORSHIP over the 911 Hoax

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911: Did CNN air fake video of
Flight 175's crash?

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Revised 9/4/06
Morgan Reynolds on
the 911 Hoax
   911 planes must have had Pentanium wings & tails  


1. The North Tower 2. The Weather Report
3. The Wind Report 4. First Live Video was from North
5. More Stills from the North 6. A Menacing Still
7. Subsequent Footage 8. CBS Still Photo
9. Boeing 767-222 as Melted Butter 10. More on Banking
11. Final words on Banking 12. The Sun vs. the South Tower Plane
13. The Zoom-Out Clue 14. Footage from Pavel Hlava
15. CNN’s Famous Impact Footage 16. Eastern View of South Tower Impact
17. WTC 7’s Zoom-out 18. Camera Planet’s Miracle Zoom
19. Building Sizes, Part I 20. Lenses Discussed
21. Building Sizes, Part II 22. Eastern View of Impact
23. Hiding the Impact 24. TV Network Fig Leafs
25. South Tower Fireball Begins with Separation 26. Overview of the Naudets’ First Hit Footage
27. The Naudet Brothers’ Missing Plane 28. The Naudet Brothers and the Disinterested Observer
29. The Quick Cut of the Naudet Brothers First Hit Footage 30. CNN’s Repetition of the Naudet Brothers’ First Hit Footage
31. What Trauma is the South Wall Experiencing? 32. The Naudet Brothers’ Tampered Footage
33. The Greatest Actors 34. The Altered South Tower Hit
35. The Mysterious Cameraman 36. The Hand Gesture
37. These Guys Are Brothers? 38. Problems with the North Tower Damage
39. Nukes in NYC? 40. The Mysterious Spire
41. The Birds! 42. The Lighting of a Bird
43. The Bird is a Pterodactyl? 44. This Bird Flies Fast
45. Another Very Fast Bird 46. Meet Pavel Hlava
47. Overview of Hlava North Tower Hit 48. Problems with the Hlava North Tower Hit
49. Pavel Hlava’s Firetruck 50. More on Pavel’s Firetruck
51. This Fireman May Have Died 52. Funny Projectiles
53. More Anomalies 54. Views from the East
55. No Sounds at Impact 56. The Strange Jet Noise
57. The Man on the Street 58. UA 175's Fuselage Debris
59. Outtakes from the 911 Movie 60. The Name of this Movie
61. Conclusion 62. Propaganda: White House Operations Center (9/11/01)
63. Propaganda: The Nick Berg Execution Hoax (6/22/04) 64. Propaganda: Al Qaeda Beheading Mania (6/24/04)
65. Propaganda: The WTC 6 Hoax Ruse (10/04/04) 66. Webster Tarpley’s Synthetic Planes
67. ‘In Plane Site’: New Version of Flight 11 68. Publishing New Flight 11 Images – Introduction
69. Icke’s Art – The Blurry Blob as Plane 70. Icke’s Art Part III – More Anomalies
71. Icke’s Art Part IV – Missing Edges 72. Webfairy Finds a Projector
73. Fonebone Finds a Missile 74. Fonebone on Flight 175’s Projectile
75. Discrepancies in North Tower Smoke 76. What about the Eyewitnesses?
77. Which Way is the Wind Blowing?