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No planes struck the World Trade Center. This idea must break open before Obama leaves office or it never will.
Watch the TV news networks lie about planes again!
Hottest new 911 Hoax documentation
Does anyone still believe planes hit the WTC?
911 Planes had Pentanium Wings!

The case against CNN
(thanks Webfairy)

IndyMedia Hysteria

"Indymedia" is a government-sponsored fraud. While pretending to be supportive of free speech, it has silenced any mention of the 911 since the early days of this website. (You can find latest examples of Indymedia's censorship of the 911 Hoax here. Note: this is a commercial website.

Indymedia must be COINTELPRO.

The Webfairy

North Tower:  The Flying Pig
South Tower:  MissileGate

911 Hoax Agitprop Art Gallery

911 Hoax Agitprop Art Gallery


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