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Camera Planet’s Miracle Zoom  
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A website called Camera Planet is the source of some very unusual footage. The segment that is the most interesting is undoubtably the one of UA 175 striking the South Tower. Camera Planet says the footage was shot by amateurs. However, it features one of the most spectacular zoom-outs in human history.

What is incredible is that the zoom-out is accomplished in only 15 frames! Meanwhile, the video is coming at us also at 15 frames per second. This means that the fifteen-frame zoom-out is about a second in duration.

Recall that #1 shows UA 175 that we know from news sources is arriving at approximately 500 m.p.h. The camera operator has the subject arriving. (Figure #1 shows a very dark plane, another anomaly.) Then UA 175 disappears behind a foreground building. The zoom-out begins at the exact moment of this disappearance. This is absurd; the plane is coming in at 500 mph and the operator actually starts a zoom-out the exact moment it is behind the building. Fifteen frames later, the very quick zoom-out concludes and a very dark "plane" is briefly seen.

This zoom-out must have been accomplished manually. Most automatic zooms do not act this quickly. So, another complication for this miracle zoom-out is we're asked to believe that the amateur shooting a low-flying commercial jet coming in at 500 m.p.h. would reach for the lens and radically alter the shot, even risk losing the subject, to improve the dramatics of it. Like the shot needed to be improved at that much risk.

Is it likely that the operator started a one-second zoom-out at the instant the plane was behind the building and concluded it just as it emerges from behind the building? The author believes it makes much more sense to conclude the zoom-out was part of many made while the North Tower was burning. The plane and the fireball which follows were added in post-production.
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