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No Sounds at Impact  
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From September 11th we know what it is like when a Boeing 767 crashes into immensely tall steel buildings at approximately 450 - 500 m.p.h. Thanks to the Naudet brothers and the amateur videographers who supplied feeds to CNN and the news networks, we now know that jet planes flying at this speed make no sound when colliding with steel buildings. (We've already discussed how they leave no damage.)

In CNN's famous "money shot" (i.e., the one where UA 175 collides into the South Tower) it is amazing how loud the sound is of the jet flying crazily into danger. Still, upon collision there was no sound of the impact. We then hear the explosions and the people screaming. To state it again:

  1. Sound of jet arriving.
  2. No sound of impact.
  3. Sounds of explosions and shocked people.

Curiously, Gedeon Naudet's video footage of the North Tower exhibits the same pattern! It too, has the sound of the jet arriving. Then it strikes the North Tower. There is no impact sound. Then the explosions and people screaming.

Why did no amateur videographer record the audio of either jet striking the World Trade Center?
MOS South Tower impact.
MOS North Tower impact.
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