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Meet Pavel Hlava  
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We're told that Pavel Hlava is an immigrant who videotaped both planes striking the North and South towers. He did this while from a vehicle that managed to move to two locations that provided unobstructed views of the WTC.

His video surfaces in September, 2003. Note: The image is reproduced here under Fair Use guidelines.
Source: New York Times

The Pavel Hlava Story

Miraculously, this picture from the New York Times seems composed. Not only is it prearranged but it actually tells the Pavel Hlava story. Pavel (left) and his employer (right) seem to be acting a scene in a movie.

The lighting is balanced and soft as if a portrait shot by a professional. While the letters are added by the New York Times in order to protect their ownership of it, the rest of the photograph seems similarly put together with every last detail plotted.

The Story

Meet Pavel Hlava and his employer. Pavel, with arms folded, is immediately ethnic and likable. However, we like his employer less. That's because he seems upset. They're having some conversation. What are they discussing? The employer seems critical of something. However, Hlava's expression shows us that he has made a decision and is determined to follow through with it. What was this decision?

Then we slip out of the movie for a second and remember who Pavel is. He is the immigrant construction worker with an energetic toddler, a loyal brother and a photographer. His favorite photographer, Walter Karling, is also now his agent. (We don't see Walter in this photograph but he is handling Pavel's business affairs. According to Fox News, 9/6/2003, Walter's phone number cannot be obtained and he won't speak to the Associated Press.)

Back to the New York Times's movie...Pavel is apparently telling his employer that he wants to make his video public. The employer doesn't think it is a good idea because Pavel may end up profiting from "blood money". Still, Pavel believes there is merit in going forward. The US flag prominantly placed next to his head suggests Hlava's intentions are noble and patriotic.

By telling us this story with their still photograph of Pavel Hlava the New York Times has given their audience maximum comfort with the video's authenticity.


Pavel is now suing a New York television station for airing his video without authorization (on a 9/13/03 telecast). Pavel is so determined not to profit from blood money that his video's appearance on network TV was a one-time deal. ABC Good Morning America's show aired it on 9/11/03 and Pavel won't let anyone else see it.

Pavel Hlava Oddities

  • Pavel Hlava's video is an extremely similiar perspective as what CNN showed all day 9/11/01. Of all the different views Pavel could have of the disaster why doesn't his have more marked differences from the CNN shot?
  • His video was "discovered" and aired in September, 2003. The timing is perfect for new thinking about what happened on September 11, 2001.
  • The name is perfectly Czech. A well-known Czech glass blower named Pavel Hlava died on February 26, 2003.
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