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Overview of the Naudets’ First Hit Footage  
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Overview of the Naudet footage shown on CNN. This footage comes from their must-see documentary entitled 911.

In the video, the firemen from Brooklyn are sent near the World Trade Center to investigate a gas leak. (To see the losses of NY fireman by department click here.
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None of the firemen standing in the street prior to Flight 11's impact with the World Trade Center are reacting to the loud sound made by a Boeing 767 flying about 500 mph at low altitude. The fireman we see in the video actually looks away, disinterested when the object arrives. Was he asked to look up and then down by someone making a movie prior to September 11, 2001?
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The camera operator shooting this very skillfully pans left. (Object at left part of the circle is "American Airlines 11". Gamma Press is a French company that is identified with much of the documentation surrounding 9/11/01.) This pan--which is reacting to Flight 11 screaming overhead--is accomplished so brilliantly that it appears almost to have been from a tripod. It certainly seems rehearsed. In addition, it was likely shot by a camera operator using Steadicam, which professionals use.
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A brilliant fireball on the North Tower. However, why does CNN need so much of the vertical real estate at the bottom for their fig leaf crawl?
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