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CENSORSHIP over the 911 Hoax
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Propaganda: Al Qaeda Beheading Mania (6/24/04)  
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Recently we have been told that Al Qaeda (in Iraq) beheaded contractor Paul Johnson. In addition, they just got Kim Sun II.

This is further indication that Al Qaeda is a proxy of the CIA and Mossad.

The Johnson beheading came on the heels of activists around the world discovering the Nick Berg execution video was a hoax. Osama bin Laden, somewhere in a cave in Afghanistan, must have realized that the Nick Berg execution was a really botched PsyOps campaign. So, he gave orders to use the same Modus Operandi again and again. That will bail out the Bush Regime from taking any kind of hit from the Nick Berg execution hoax.

In addition, as anyone who watched Amy Goodman confirm on Democracy Now, the 911 Coverup Commission did in fact criticize NORAD for not intercepting the alleged planes which were hijacked on 9/11/01. This is the LIHOP line of thought, now officially endorsed by the Bush Regime's proxy 911 Commission.

So, within hours of the 911 Coverup Commission admitting the LIHOP point al Qaeda decided to behead Paul Johnson, removing the inconvenient LIHOP admission off of probably every newspaper in the country. Then it beheads Kim Sun II, still keeping the LIHOP admission off of the news.

This latest round of killings is the latest by AL Qaeda which has immediately benefitted the US and Israel. Every time it has ever struck it has done so for Clinton/Bush/Sharon. Yet, tens of millions of people in this country who otherwise believe that they are well informed continue to miss the pattern. We must try to reach them.

The only way the Bush Regime can be stopped from the completing the coup d'etat they're executing out in the open is to expose their propaganda to broad audiences. I don't think that message boards will accomplish this; but emails that can circulate, websites made for large audiences and visible protests will.

p.p.s. newbie terminology:

LIHOP = Bush Regime let 9-11 happen on purpose.

MIHOP = Bush Regime brought down the WTC in a false flag operation, falsely blaming Muslims. <
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